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And with our everything plan get all new touch screen phones with no out of pocket cost.

We’ve perfected a business phone service that runs through your high-speed internet. That means you get:

Savings compared to traditional phone systems


Simplicity (no closet full of wires)


Unlimited calling


No additional cost to keep your existing number


And the system keeps working— even if your internet or power is down.



We handle everything for free, from beginning to end. Our technicians bring new phones and equipment to your location, set the system up, get it working, and show everyone how to use it.



Our 24/7 tech support is provided directly from our corporate office in North Texas. When you call, we answer. Period. Programming, training, and support are all included for life at no additional charge.



 There are no upfront costs, equipment and installation are included, and your savings begin day one. With our all-inclusive pricing, you can also say goodbye to add-on fees and charges. 


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The Everything Phone

Everything Features

The Everything Plan

We only offer one type of plan: The Everything Plan. With the Everything Plan, every customer gets to enjoy every feature of our service. The only choice to make is what kind of phone you need.


No upfront cost

Infrastructure never out of date

All-new phones at no cost upon renewal

Multi-Discounts available


Avoid a long term commitment

Buy phones and equipment up front

Increase or decrease users on the fly

Everything Plan Standard Features

Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling, Caller ID Block, Call Return, Anonymous Call Block, Repeat Dialing, Call Hunt, Ring Lists, Call Park, Ring Groups,  Move your Number, Intercom Paging. 

Everything Plan Premium Features

Dial-By-Name Directory, IVR Menus, Virtual Receptionist, Voice Mail to Email, Customizable Music on Hold, Basic Call Queuing, Hunt Groups, Follow-Me-Calling, Day/Night Mode, Integrated Conferencing, Web-Based System Management, Automatic Routing, Never Full Mailboxes, No Busy Signals, iPhone/iPad/Android/Smartphone App.

Unlimited Calling & Long Distance | No Busy Signals

With Telogix, callers never get a busy signal, and each phone number can point to as many or as few phones as you want. Our phones are location independent, so someone dialing your main number can make a phone ring at both your office and another location at the same time. Unlimited Long Distance calling is included to the Continental US.

Auto Attendant | Virtual Receptionist

The Auto Attendant is a powerful automated VoIP business service that replaces the need for a receptionist.

Voicemail Transcription

You can view or download text versions of your Voicemail messages as an alternative to listening to them. The transcription of your new voicemail is sent via e-mail to your inbox.

Music on Hold

Telogix Music on Hold plays recorded music or marketing messages while your callers are on hold to give your business a professional edge. 

Ring Groups

A Ring Group is a way for a group of extensions to share the distribution of incoming calls. Ring groups are also commonly known as Hunt Groups.

Conference Bridge

Why waste money on outside conference call providers when you can hold your conference calls right from your office phone at no charge?

Internet Faxing & Traditional Fax Machine

Telogix Internet Faxing is a personal online faxing service. Send and receive online faxes from any computer using the web portal. Traditional Faxing is fully supported and will work with any hard-line fax machine.

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